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What Happens When We Die?

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Earn commissions for your organization by becoming a LifeAfterLife.TV affiliate. Once you have signed up, you can easily promote commissioned sales in two ways:

1. Add the easy to use LifeAfterLife.TV web links anywhere on your web site you would like to place them. A variety of beautifully designed banners & ribbons are available in various sizes. Click here to see options

2. You can even make Secondary Commissions by encouraging other web site owners to become LifeAfterLife.TV Affiliates, too! Our innovative 2-tier Affiliate tracking system allows you to receive a Secondary Commission every time a customer buys from the Secondary Affiliate you helped sign up.


➢ Affiliate Commissions are as follows:
Primary Affiliates: 20% of sales price for all items purchased through the Affiliate link. Secondary Affiliates: 15% of sales price will be paid to the Secondary Affiliate that you sign up. In addition, 5% will be paid to you as the Primary Affiliate, as a fee for signing up the Secondary Affiliate.
PLEASE NOTE: Sorry, but the Affiliate System is only 2 layers deep. Secondary Affiliates cannot sign up other secondary Affiliates.

➢ NOTE: Commissions are only paid on sales price of items available on the LifeAfterLife.TV Store, not including shipping & handling, or items offered through the AMAZON Affiliate department, labeled “OTHER RELATED PRODUCTS.”

➢ Commissions are paid by check