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What Happens When We Die?

It is hard to say when this film began-but unquestionably it was by a series of divinely inspired events.

For producer & director Peter Shockey, it started as a young teenager, making a film about a drug addict shot during a burglary attempt, then watching his life replay before his eyes-filmed seven years before anyone heard the words "Near Death Experience," or "Life Review." Peter was just trying to find a way to portray the deep spiritually transformational experience he himself had with the Light-what he had always called a "Christ-encounter." That film won a teenage movie competition,twenty years before Shockey would garner the New York Film Festival Award for LIFE AFTER LIFE.

In film school, Peter read the new best seller LIFE AFTER LIFE by Dr. Raymond Moody. Inspired, his senior project depicted a person who dies, this time zooming down a brilliant tunnel into the Light of God. It also established Shockey on a long and successful career as a special effects film director, learning the secrets of illustrating LIGHT.

Twelve years later Peter found himself divinely inspired once again, Upon learning that Raymond A Moody was visiting his hometown of Nashville, he followed a hunch about which hotel Moody might be staying and within the hour Peter found himself talking face to face with the author of LIFE AFTER LIFE and the film was born. They prayed together that if the film was indeed destined to be made, not only would the funding materialize but also that a "creatively artful" way of portraying the message would become evident. In the year that followed, three things happened; Peter's ex-wife died suddenly in childbirth, but not before she had an opportunity to hear about the amazing stories shared by Moody. Secondly, Peter's father fell ill and this time a letter was written, once again sharing the comforting experiences, which greatly reassured the elder Shockey prior to his passing. Lastly, a gentleman who had recently purchased the film company where Shockey worked became enthused by the film concept, and the budget was approved.

The results of all these divine impulses - and a thousand others surrounding them - led up to the film you will be watching, perhaps repeatedly, as many people have already done.